AVAD7 is the new temporary home for the Resources For Life project that extended from 1997 to 2021.

This new presentation of the same content is an effort to begin a cleanup of the old site content, during a slow extended rollout of a new version of the Resources For Life dot com site.

Content Review and Placement

Because there are thousands of posts and pages to review, it will likely take a while to get the project completed.

The content will be split up into the following destinations:

  • PUBLIC INTEREST. The public interest work and content of Resources For Life is already on the ResourcesForLife.org site, and more will be added.
  • TECH. The tech reviews, help documents, and buyer guides will be put on the IowaCityTech.com website.
  • WEB. Materials related to web design are being placed on the IowaCityWeb.com website.
  • OTHER. Remaining materials that aren’t outdated will end up on the refreshed presentation of the Resources For Life dot com website.

Not For Public Release

If you are reading this page, it’s probably because you have been a regular long-term supporter of Resources For Life and you received an invitation to have continued access to the content.

This site isn’t advertises or promoted publicly and it is not indexed in search engines. Since it is a temporary workspace, it makes sense to not have it easily discoverable.

If you feel like there’s someone who may benefit from the content here, despite the site being dismantled and redesigned, check with us first before inviting others to come visit the site. We want to make sure everyone is aware of the “Not For Public Release” status of the site.


  • Site Cleanup. The AVAD7 site is going through a cleanup as the Resources For Life materials are reviewed. Click the More News link below for detailed news.

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